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Use Notepad++ to remove duplicate lines/records from any text files. I’ve previously used Excel to do this but this can be easily done in Notepad++ as well. To remove duplicate lines, browse for or drop a file onto the window, click Check and if duplicate lines are found, click Fix and choose a save name. You can also batch process a number of files at once, including in subfolders, using the File Scan tab. Paste the text into the window and press the Do button.

Click Finish to complete the setup and run the program. You can now start coding or editing scripts using Notepad++. Download and open notepad++ software using previous steps. You will see recently downloaded notepad++ software into the download page. If you use Google Chrome browser to download this file then click the left-below corner down-arrow icon and select Show in Folder from the list.

Key Terms You Need to Know to Use Notepad++

Another question concerns the explicit or implicit presence of hydrogen atoms in the structures. In our experience the use of explicit hydrogens for calculating 2D descriptors leads in most cases to QSAR models with higher prediction performances. Many software packages claim to have reliable procedures for adding/removing hydrogens. For instance, our experience indicates that removing hydrogens is not well realized in certain cases, e.g., when hydrogens are attached to nitrogens in rings or in secondary amines. I used to copy data from a Hyperion results grid and paste it into excel.

Is the install.exe referring to the notepad++ installer executable? Mine is named differently, “npp.7.5.Installer.exe”, and failed. Snap can be really useful when you're installing complex software. Notepad++ isn't that complex, and supported by wine out of the box.

The default user for a Windows service is LocalService which typically doesn’t have access to your shares. Edit the service and set it up to run as your own user, see the FAQ entry why can’t see my files on a remote server for details. Now we’ll try a download, pick a movie and do a manual search. Pick one of those files and attempt to download it. Does it end up in the trace level logs during the Check For Finished Download tasks which runs roughly every minute? Does the queued up download have a reasonable name?

  • The app has more ways to implement the ability to complete more task quickly and allow https://lpm.iainptk.ac.id/2023/02/16/does-notepad-work-on-mac multiple projects to open at once.
  • If you are using RHEL/CentOS based systems, then you need to use yum update && yum upgrade command as shown below.
  • However, while one can get some of these software and explore these features, it will be remembered that the needs of each project or developer are paramount in selection.
  • Start proofreading your content by inserting your text below.

Also, these steps will not work on MS Excel for MacOS and versions older than 2016 on Windows. Now you will have an import window in front of you. Locate the folder where you store your JSON file and select a file to import. However, getting the file into a human-readable format requires formatting, unlike XML and CSV files.

Way 3. Notepad++ Remove Duplicate Lines via the TextFX Plugin

The rule also ensures that a pattern using a NodeTest of the form document-node(...) matches a document node. The pattern node() will match any element, text node, comment, or processing instruction, whether or not it has a parent. For backwards compatibility reasons, the pattern node(), when used without an explicit axis, does not match document nodes, attribute nodes, or namespace nodes.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. April Eggers is a senior software developer at FDI, and an Alfresco Certified Engineer. When April’s not playing with the latest Javascript framework, she enjoys fostering kittens from the local humane society, smiling at every dog she sees, and thinking up woodworking projects. The end result was this command that writes the pretty printed JSON to a temp file, then writes the contents of the temp file over the original, raw JSON file.

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